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Podcast Collective


Learn how to start and grow a podcast using the latest tools, with a worldwide community of podcasters




Learn-by-doing, with constant access to fresh content and our global community

Content you'll want to consume, a community you'll want to be part of and new modules that will have you thrilling your listeners time and time again. We've built this mastermind from community feedback over the past year. We've packed it with knowledge from producing podcasts over the past seven years and packaged it into a hub for podcast mastery.

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Built from real-life experiences, shaped by feedback.

Made for all.

We've been listening this past year. Meticulously taking notes. Struggles, successes, challenges and celebrations.


You might be starting your podcast journey wondering how to get online, finding your niche or best recording setups to use. Or you might be well on your way, wondering where to take your podcast next, how to 'wow' your listeners, monetise or just fearful of plateauing. 

Regardless of podcast level this mastermind will have something for you. 


What is the best recording setup for professional sounding audio? What about remote recording? Or podcasting-on-the-go? 

We cover all that here. Simple, budget-friendly and non-techie recommendations, all fully tested by us and our clients.


Struggling to find the right song for your show? 

Use our tool to show you how to test songs on your audience, where to find music and what you should consider for licensing. 


Editing your podcast can really sap both time and energy. A lot of things can be solved before you get to this stage and we'll show you how.  We also cover what are the key editing effects to master.

We've got tips, hacks, downloads and pre-sets to help you on your way. 


Here we cover everything you need to make your podcast available to your listeners. 

  • Hosting platforms

  • Connecting to Apple Podcasts and Spotify

  • Podcast Logos

We'll also take you through how to make your podcast easily accessible for your listeners. 


Looking at the numbers can be a real hassle. Where's the best place to find them? Why are they different across platforms? We cover the best places to find them and how to verify that they're right. 

We also help focus on what numbers are important to you, and what is just white noise. Learn also what are the numbers that sponsors will care about, and how you can track ROI of your podcast.


Through the mastermind we cover the tools we recommend using throughout the podcast process. 

Here's where we show you how to use them, the best setups and hacks we've learnt along the way. Enjoy!

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The hub for all our podcast modules. Built for simplicity and fun.


Modules that set the foundation for podcasting

  • Time Management

  • Mindset

Put these in place and the process becomes a whole lot smoother.


Use the tool we've built to help find your niche, understand your audience and build your podcast​.


  • Why podcasts are so popular

  • Finding your niche

  • The Podcast Builder

  • Understanding your audience

By the end of this section you'll have your niche, audience and aims uncovered. Now it's time to start designing. 


What to consider pre-recording when putting your show together. 

  • Presenter

  • Guests

  • Podcast formats


Get this covered up front and it saves a load of time planning later on. Now onto recording. 


Learn to write compelling and intriguing show notes. Just like an elevator pitch for your show, we'll give you some ideas to get your potential listeners clicking 'play'. 

Transcriptions: learn how and when to use them. We cover what options there are out there to outsource and some design tips to get things neat and tidy. 


"How do you build an audience?" The most common question we get asked. This section covers it all. 

  • Building your true fans

  • How to interact with your audience

  • Growing an audience from scratch

  • Pre-launch, launch & post-launch marketing strategies

  • Long-term podcasting tips

By the end of this module, you'll have an actionable plan for your podcast launch with ideas about how you can take your podcast to the next level. A real belter. 


So you think you're ready to monetise. How do you know though?

We cover our thoughts on when is best and give you our strategy. 

  • Adverts & Sponsorship

  • Donations

  • Subscriptions/private podcasts

  • Product/Affiliates

  • Our Strategy

Everything you need to know about monetisation, so you can make the most informed choice about what and when is best. 

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New modules added regularly. Thrill your listeners and evolve your show.

Podcasting is changing rapidly. New technologies, new techniques and new ways to engage with your listeners. Our monthly mastermind modules are built specifically to keep you ahead. A new module added to the dashboard every month, helping to keep your show fresh and relevant. 

The mastermind is built with the community at its core. We take onboard and welcome suggestions for content and take time to build this into upcoming classes.



Join us for a monthly Q&A.

A community meet up to share lessons and celebrate success. 

A chance for some face-time with us. We'll be covering a new topic every month, fielding questions, sharing success stories and whatever else you'd like. Join us for a beer, flat white or sparkling water. This is your time to pick our brains about what makes a good show and get our suggestions on anything you're working on.

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"If you've done this sort of thing before, you'll know the importance of being with like-minded people"

Whether you're looking for support, to celebrate success, be held accountable or make new connections, our community is central to everything we do here. You'll have access to our private Slack community 24/7, where you can up-skill with members, ask questions, socialise and share ideas. 

Surrounding yourself with people on a similar journey to you is essential to achieving success. 


Not your average Mastermind. Join us and become part of the community. 

We know that if you don't see value and actual improvements to your show, you'll cancel your subscription. Finally, there's some skin-in-the-game. 

No more half-finished courses or unstructured blog posts. This mastermind is packed with content you'll want to consume and put into practice. All for an accessible low-cost monthly price. 

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