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Fina and Jon 

Founders of The Podcast Collective

Hey there! 👋


We're the founders of The Podcast Collective. We're so excited to bring you this Mastermind. We've been producing podcasts for the past seven years and we've put everything we've learnt in here. A monthly learn-by-doing experience to help you continue to evolve your show. 

It's our mission to make podcasting as simple as possible and help people get back to creating awesome content.

Our story

After seven years of hearing the same questions, we decided to do something about it. We started The Podcast Collective. 

We began our Instagram community and started creating content to help people.

Our following grew organically to 20k podcasters, all looking to expand their knowledge, grow their show and push out great content. 

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We began our Slack community. A platform that allows members of the community to chat to each other directly, share ideas, ask questions and have direct chats with us. 

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And we had great feedback. Lots of engagement and a real community feel. But we kept getting asked for more 1:1 help and a private group for members. A kind of inner circle. 

So we created this mastermind. 

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Constant access to a huge bank of structured content, regular new masterclasses and 24/7 access to our private slack group, full of people with similar goals and aims, aspiring to be the best podcaster they can be. 

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