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Frequently Asked Questions

Why a mastermind, not a course?

Why have you created a Mastermind in the first place?

There's a huge problem with podcast courses. A high entry cost (sometimes into $1,000's), yet completion rate is low, sometimes even as low at 12-13%. To us that makes no sense. We wanted a low cost-of-entry, with the ability to give podcasts on-going help and learnings too.

We chose a monthly mastermind because our community kept asking for on-going support. This allows us to do just that. There's lots of information out there for podcasters. Some of it good, some of it not so. But it's unstructured and high-level. This mastermind covers the detail but simplifies it allowing creators to focus on content. And we'll be with you every single month, with a new module, community support and Q&A's. 

Who is this best suited to?

Why would I want a monthly subscription?

This Mastermind isn't for everyone. Those looking for a silver bullet for their podcast should stop right here. We're only suitable for people who are keen to learn, learn-by-trying and genuinely want their podcast to succeed. You can be at any stage of your podcast journey, there's something in this Mastermind for all levels of podcasters.

Podcasting is a journey. There's always something learn, a new technology or idea to test out. We know that if you're not getting value, you'll cancel your subscription. It's a sure-fire way of making sure keep making a difference to your show. And for you, it's peace of mind that we have skin-in-the-game too.

What happens if I want to cancel?

You can cancel anytime. You'll have access to the content until your next payment date, at which point you account will cease. 

More Questions?

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